Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happiest Moment of My Life!

Mission Viejo 
It's been a pretty tough and yet rewarding week! To start off, my new comp is Elder Jones. He is from Iowa. He is super smart, loves the work, and loves Jimmy Johns....LOVES Jimmy Johns :) 
We are serving in the Mission Viejo Stake in the Mission Viejo 1st ward. It's really different from Laguna Beach! It's more of a quiet, suburban area with tons of families. It's pretty safe to say that I really really miss LB :( It was so tough to say goodbye to so many of the people and families that I have come to love so much, but i am happy to be here! 
On saturday there were two kids that we were really working with and fasting for back in Laguna that finally were allowed by their dad to get baptized! It was honestly one of the happiest moments in my life! There were about 60 people at the service plus one sister missionary that had been home about 1 1/2 months that drove nonstop from SLC to get to it. It was just an incredible experience. In the picture, the returned sister is the one kneeling down. 
So a bit about the area I am in: we are in a car-share area, meaning on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday we are biking... ya it's tough but fun and it is getting me in shape. As part of the area we get up on Monday and Friday at 5:30am to play basketball with the high priests in the ward, then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we are up at 5am to go do Crossfit... it nutz! I am hopefully going to come home super ripped, not dead hahah! 
There is a lot of work going on here. We have a lady who has a son that just joined the church and now she is taking the lessons. We have another lady that is interested and came to church with her friend the other day so we are going to start teaching her. Along with all that we are trying to get into a different members home everyday of the month for a standing monthly visit. We are teaching about 15-20 lessons a week, which is tons more than I was doing. 
I am running out of time on the computer so for my BDAY all I ask for is a gyro workout ball, and then you can surprise me with whatever you want :) I might write more in just a bit so stay tuned :)

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