Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Week & Camp Pendleton

Mission Viejo 
So birthdays are pretty boring occasions out in the field hahah but seriously... It's just crazy to say that I will be 20! I still can't believe it! (I have said that a ton but that should tell you how weird it feels to me.) I don't really think I will be doing anything for my bday. Probs just go somewhere special for lunch... like Panda or Carls Jr :) The best present you all got me so far has been the pictures of the little girls! I love them so so so so so much! I wish so bad that I could play with them. Paige and Jennika are getting so big, it's nutz! 

Our apartment is on the corner of Margarite and Via Florecer. It's called the Eves Apartments. For computer time, the library is a timed amount. We get an hour, but if there aren't very many people we can extend that by 30 min. I get super side tracked when I email so ya, sorry bout that haha. And yes, I do get all the awesome pics that you send :) 

We had a pretty good week of teaching. We were able to teach that lady that came to church last week with her friend. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She had just some generic questions about God and things like that so we felt impressed to help her understand God's role in our lives. She didn't really feel that it totally answered her questions but she loved how we as a church have missionaries that break everything down for her. We taught her how to pray and she is determined to feel the Spirit! We are going to try and follow up with her soon so she doesn't lose that momentum. 
We also were able to have another of our investigators come to church. His name is Harley. He is about 20 and is living with a lady in the ward that is basically his mom haha. He has his doubts about God and religion in general, but in church we got talking bout his disagreement with religion and science and a young mens leader came up to him and basically helped him understand that we believe science and religion go hand in hand. He really liked that. But the leader challenged him to come up with the one question that we, the missionaries, couldn't answer... I have no clue what that question is! But he seemed to really take that to heart, so now he is excited to meet with us!

On another note, yesterday (Sunday) I was able to go down to Camp Pendleton for a church service. There is a set of elders down there called the SOI elders (soldiers of infantry). They basically help out the Chaplin with all of his duties in coordinating the work for about six different denominations of churches that meet in the same building. The Chapiln loves the missionaries down there, so we hold a service from 7 at night till 9. During the beginning, the conductor asks for anyone in the audience that would like to go and be taught by the missionaries to go with us. We can't proselyte, so everything is done in a very "of your own free will" type thing. Even when we teach, we only answer their questions and ask them if we could just give them a history of how our church got started. We cannot invite them to baptism unless they ask for it. It's pretty interesting. The elders down there are basically the APs to the whole military and they work on strengthening the relations between the church and military. There is a chance that I could end up working down there around December. I have to go through a whole interview process but I am one of three getting interviewed. I don't really know how I feel about it, but if it's what the Lord wants, I will do it. And its only a slight chance :) We ended up talking to a marine who is a member of the church just having a hard time. We got to give him a blessing and talk with a bunch of the other marines. It was pretty fun! One of the wards in the area always cooks a dinner for the marines and brings it to the service so we got a pretty good dinner hahahahah!

Anyways, that's whats happening in my neck of the woods. Thanks for all the pics and wishes! I love you all so much and have a great "Kye's-Birthday-Without-Me" haha! 

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