Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 29, 2015

Families Can Be Together Forever

Laguna Niguel 
So 110 degrees huh? That's pretty insane! It's been up in the 80's most of the week and we have been doing a ton of service this last week. The humidity makes it a lot worse than it is. But the best part is that the closer to the ocean we get, the cooler it gets. It drops about 10 degrees from just over the mountain to Laguna Beach. So in-land it's about 90 degrees. 

The family reunion sounds like it was a blast! I would love to do some fishing right about now. Why did they never do that when I was there!!! But that's way cool about the next missionaries in the family. I agree that it's a really good idea to wait before your mission. I loved all of the experience that I got before I came out. I feel like I have always had a pretty good idea of what it means to really work but those last few months really seemed to help. The work out here is exhausting! It's crazy that I can feel so tired all the time. Even just talking to people at times seems to take it out of me.

What's the update on the guys in our ward? Are any of them doing college or missions or anything like that? 

So in response to dad's email: we are still in our trio with Hancock and Watts, but this is the last week of the transfer. We get calls this Saturday telling us if we are leaving or not. I have a feeling that I am going to be staying one more transfer to finish Watts' training. This is Hancock's last week as a missionary! He is heading home next Tuesday. It's crazy how much I am going to miss him! I have loved serving with him and I have learned so much more from him than just missionary work. 

On the note of the work out here, we have had a hard time meeting with anyone for some time now. I haven't taught a formal lesson in about a month. But not all of missionary work is lessons. 
On a very sad note, Alyssa (the mother of Gavin and daughter of Don) passed away this last Tuesday. She passed at 5 in the morning after fighting cancer for the last year. It's super sad. We went over to be with the family around noon and her body was still there. It was crazy the feeling at that home. People were pretty relieved that she was gone and not suffering anymore. We talked to Don and Gavin and they seemed to be doing ok. Don is pretty sad about it but relieved for her at the same time. Gavin is just so young that he is coping with it really well. 

We were able to get them to come to church this last Sunday and that was really cool. Don came for the first time. He missed sacrament but just came to meet people and to visit while Gavin was in class with all the kids. It's a crazy situation still. The family that is letting Don and Gavin stay in their home is a family that goes to a church that loves spreading Anti-Mormon crap to our investigators. They have taught Gavin a whole bunch of false stuff, but we know that Don feels something different about what we do. So we will continue to keep working with them. We are going to go to the temple this week with Don hopefully and talk to him about how there is a way to be physically and spiritually connected to his daughter. It should be pretty amazing :)

Other than that, not much has been happening. We have been trying to help Hancock get ready to leave and this last week is going to be packed with a ton of stuff. I will try to be better at getting pictures from now on. I play piano about once a week but I am loving all those songs that I bought! There is a thing once a month at the temple were they allow missionaries to come and preform songs and stuff so I hope to be able to do that soon! 

I love you all so very very much and I miss you little girls more than you know! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Missionary Trainer

Laguna Niguel 
Training is super fun! I really love working with Elder Watts. He is just a really easy going person and I think he will be an amazing missionary. It's crazy that I was in his place not that long ago.  And YES, Elder Hancock is getting TRUNKY!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how many times I have heard Hancock say that he has less days left in the mission than I have months! But he is still doing a great job as a missionary (a lot better than I think I will be doing in 18months). He has been in Laguna Beach for about 8 1/2 months. I am pretty sure that I will be here for only one more transfer to finish Elder Watt's training.

Our Zone Conference was about what was possible to God. It was a really good conference. It ranged from different talks, but that's the one that President Orgil gave. It basically was about how we need to change our perceptions -- that the mission just doesn't baptize that many people. We talked about how we only limit God by our own faithlessness. It was just good to hear an uplifting talk to refuel the "spiritual tank".

So Gavin's family moved to a place right in the middle of town which is nice. But on Thursday, the day after we moved them into their new house, Alyssa's (mom's) health really declined. Her blood pressure was through the roof and she was super close to having a stroke. She probably won't make it much longer. It's crazy that we are involved in the whole situation. Never would I have dreamed this is what I would be a part of as a missionary.

We still havent heard from Rommel in a while, but Michael called the other day and said that he would still want to stay tight with us so we are going to do another golf lesson with him during the week :) We will try and teach him the Plan of Salvation lesson as best we can. His view of what's in store for us after this life is kinda medieval-times knowledge of God. But I am super excited to GOLF! YAYAYAYAY!

That mini mission you told me about mom is a pretty cool idea. I hope that the kids realize that even though they saw what the work was like there, where ever they end up going the work might have a completely different feel to it though. It's still a pretty good idea to help kids really understand more of the unknown details of mission life. Who else is going on the mini missions from our ward?

Where is the family reunion at this year? I hope that my returning home might be enough to sway just one of our family reunions to Southern Utah!

I am now trying to learn Spanish by reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish with my regular book next to it. I tried it out last night and it was quite fun. Just thought i would let yall know that :)

Anyways, have a great week and I love you all so much!

Monday, June 15, 2015


Laguna Niguel 
So just to clarify for everyone, I am still a Ute fan through and through. That can never be taken from me. 

We haven't had any success with Rommel or Michael for the last month. It's kinda gotten me down about it. But yesterday we had a miracle happen. So Gavin, Alyssa's son (she has the cancer), came to church with us!!!! (We have been playing basketball with him every couple of days for the last week and a half because he just has needed some support due to the fact that he is stuck inside all the time so we have been sorta friends with him of late.) But we asked him if he wanted to come to church and he was ok with coming and his mom said it was ok!! I can't even explain how huge that is. So he came and the youth completely pulled him in. He sat with us during sacrament meeting and then the second it was over there were like 3 kids talking to him and inviting him to come to class with them. They did the same thing for priesthood too. He came up to us after and said that he wants to get a set of scriptures and church clothes and come next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then later that night he called us to tell us that they found a place that some random lady gave them to live in for free!! They are being kicked out of where they are now by stupid attorneys. This random lady also said that she would help Don find work to help support Gavin. Gavin told us that if we have been praying, it totally worked. We told him that is was probs cause he came to church... he just kinda went "Oh I didn't even think of that!" It was so cool though! 

Literally, that's like the only thing I can think of from the last week cause it has made me so happy! 

To answer some of your questions: we do get money for food - that's all our money should be used for. That and like hygiene stuff. The mission pays for our phones and apartments. 

Sorry this week's email is short. I really can't think of anything else to write cause it has been so slow lately. But know that I am loving the work and love you all so so so so so much!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Trolly Contacting

Laguna Niguel 
I am so sad I missed Jessa's blessing, but I am sure that Drew did awesome. I can't wait to see that little cutie! It must have been so much fun having the whole family together. It totally shocks me that her brother Taylor is coming home already. Like I felt like he's only been gone for a couple of months! 

So Megan, the girl that sent those pictures the other day has been home from her mission for like 6 months. She was in the London, England mission. She was just super happy to see missionaries out doing the work so she stopped us on our way back to our car and was just so happy about it. It seriously made my day cause I just didnt feel like I was making any difference at all the last couple of days. But she was just so happy to see us out doing the work. I guess that results are only a reward for doing what we are supposed to do but no matter what when we are trying our best, I shouldn't feel bad about what I am doing! 

But we have had very little progress with our investigators just because they are all so busy. 

Other than that, we have had a lot of fun going out contacting of late. Me and Elder Watts were out trying a new survey method while Hancock was in a district leaders council meeting. The survey thing is just a really good way for us to be able to stop people and get them to answer some more deep questions, such as: do you believe in God, is the bible just a history book or something more, if there was another book containing the words of God would you read it. Questions such as these. We had several really good conversations with people and we were able to bear testimony of a bunch of stuff. Then later that night we had a blast trolly contacting. It's when we get on the free trollys that run up and down the PCH and stop along the way and pick people up. We did this on Saturday night, so there were a ton of drunk people on there hahahahah! But I had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of really nice people that were fascinated with the fact that I gave up two years to do this. 
But then it got wild. We switched trollys and there was a ton of teenage girls on there and they basically harassed the crap out of Hancock. Me and Watts were trying to answer this girl's questions about God and life and stuff (I basically got her to admit that there is a higher power and that was about it... she was just super confused). Anyways the girls tried to put an e-cigarette in Hancock's mouth and they were making fun of him and stuff. It was super funny! He was just completely harassed! 
Then these drunk guys got on and totally loved talking to us! They wanted to know if we "supported" the play "The Book of Mormon", we told them we did because it has given us so much publicity and stuff! (So true. I have been asked if I am offended by that play so much out here and to be honest it has helped us more than hurt us - especially with how the church reacted to it all). Then out of no where this guy is like "You guys wanna see the birthday present my friend got me" so we said yes and his friend just turns around and pulls down his pants and shows us a tattoo of his friend's named that was on his butt hahahah!!!! It was just one of those nights where we got home and were so confused about what happened.

Other than that, not much has been happening. We got sisters in our ward now and we have to learn how to share. I don't like it at all :( We were so spoiled with this area and now they are trying to take a few of our potentials and our investigators and we are just trying to figure out how to work it all out. It's annoying!

Anyways, hope you all have a great week and stay safe. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Friday, June 5, 2015

You're on Candid Camera

My mom and I came on a walk in Laguna Beach and saw these elders contacting! I came back from my mission in December so it made me SOO happy to see such diligence! Took a selfie to capture the moment but then we waited till they were done to say hello! A candid shot, you should be proud of them!! The church is true. This work is real. Laguna Beach has a fabulous ward, loads of my friends live in that ward and I know they're being taken care of!

Have a brilliant day!!

We were so grateful that this stranger took & sent on these pictures to us! We love Kye and love seeing him at work! So awesome! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Duo to Trio

Laguna Niguel 
It's been a great week! Our new companions name is Elder Watts. He is from a suburb of Dallas, Texas and he is just a cool guy. He is a bit annoyed, I can tell, with not knowing what's going on but he will figure it out quick enough! 
So our new apartment is on the corner of Crown Valley and Camino del Avion. It's way nice. I will send pics next week. But working with a third companion has been fun, especially training. It is making me realize just how crazy just starting out on your mission really is and how difficult it can be. It has also been fun to see just how well me and Elder Hancock get along and work together! 

That's so cool that you are going down to Vegas again, mom. I swear, every time I get an email from you, you are going down to Vegas. Someone really needs to give you a best mom and grandma award! Like seriously, you are down there all the time hahahah! 

So the changes to our Sunday meetings is that the speakers we are choosing for sacrament don't necessarily have to be someone that hasn't talked in awhile or new members. Instead it's going to be a group effort on behalf of the ward council to choose speakers based on the needs of the ward and youth speakers don't have to talk on something our of the FTSY pamphlet. They can talk on something that they are more passionate about, of course within bounds :) 
They also talked a bit in a combined 3rd hour class about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, and how to make it a day set apart from the rest. There isn't a very straight forward list of the do's and don't's of Sunday but there are good suggestions that the brethren in Salt Lake have produced. The thing that we talked about was letting the kids in the family decide on something that they would find enjoyable and worthwhile. They said that it's a thing that the family has to pray and seek personal revelation on and then make it happen.
I am super jealous that the trek they are doing is so much cooler than the one I went on. You are going to have to tell me how it goes :)

So, I have to tell you all something that I don't want anyone to freak out about. I have been talking to a bunch of people out here and have been thinking a lot about it lately... but I have come to the conclusion that going to BYU is a serious possibility..... I know! Don't freak out, but my perception of it all and what I really want to get out of life has really changed. It's still too early to make a decision but just thought I would drop that news early :) 

I love you all so much!