Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Be There or Be Square

Mission Viejo 
It sounds like things are pretty much the same back home hahah! You guys are hitting up Tuacahn plays with Les and Diane, the recycling still gets dropped of at the school, and there's more home improvement to be done! :) Sounds like you guys are keeping busy! 

So it was a pretty awesome birthday! I didn't get my packages till yesterday so I opened them during our Pday activity. Everyone loved the card from Sara ... ya I was rolling in tears when I opened it due to laughing so hard hahahahah! Sara & Dane, I freaking love you so much :) But for my actual birthday we went to "Slaters 50/50". It's a burger place that makes these amazing 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon patties! IT GETS BETTER. Then they make THE most unique burgers with it. The first time I went I had a chili burger with fritos on it and bacon chili dripping off it. YUM! For my BDay I had a peanut butter and jelly burger with bacon on it! It was a PB&JB W/B! It was most delectable :) I also had some fun nights hanging with some other missionaries. It was kinda funny; the rest of the world would expect some serious partying to be done for someone's birthday, but instead I helped a family move, repaired some furniture and taught dinner lessons and stuff. It was a very good feeling to be in the work and realize that none of this is about me.

Things here are going pretty good. We are trying a new contacting approach at a park in the area. We put up signs that just say that we are going to be there every Saturday from 7-7:30 to answer anyones questions and to just talk. We figure that most people know who we are so we are really starting to pray for people to be lead to us cause we really, really want someone to teach! We tried it this last Saturday and we got there and there was a girl sitting in the park (obviously not there to talk to us). We walked up to her and started to talk about just everyday things, her dog, school, etc. She just randomly asked me "So why did you decided to come on a mission?" I was so stunned by it that at first I just said that I didn't really know, but then I remembered my testimony in the Book of Mormon, so I asked her if she has ever heard of it. She told me that her neighbors in San Diego are members and they have talked to her about the church a ton but not the BoM. So I gave her a copy and was able to bear my testimony to her. It was sorta a sweet experience :) After that we sat in our place in the park and not a soul wanted to come talk to us... ya we are going to keep trying hahah.   

Thanks so much for all the gifts and words of love and encouragement. They have helped more than you know! I love you all so very much and I feel so greatful to have been blessed with such a caring and fun and completely unique family!

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