Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to the MTC! Don't Drink the OJ.


So this is my first official missionary email!!!! So far the MTC is AMAZING! Other than the food. I mean it's not bad but it just makes you extremely gassy and I learned real quick not to drink the orange juice (it's super high in fiber!). But other than that I love it here.

 My Companion is Elder Oler. He is a pretty cool dude from Canada and the other companionship in our dorm is cool too. We all know how to have fun but we still work really hard. 

The first day here we were put into a room with about 30 other sisters and elders and a guy came into the room as an investigator and we had to take turns talking to him and figure out his big concern and then teach him the gospel. I have never felt so unprepared in my life. A bunch of the people in the room would hear something the investigator was talking about and immediately just stand up and testify of what ever it is he said the problem is. They weren't looking for that so we have to learn to listen and ask questions to figure out what their deep questions are then testify or teach them about that. 

We had one lady that we just couldn't figure out... like 20 kids got up and bore amazing testimonies and she said thank you but asked if we were listening to her. All she wanted was to get a feeling not answers because she was firm in her beliefs in God but she has just lost trust in Him. So she just wanted to know that it was ok and that there was a way to gain His trust and He would gain hers. 

The spirit here is every where. People all over the place are just happy to be here. It's amazing to know that we all share the same belief and desire to serve God. It's already my favorite thing to do my personal and companion study. You will learn so much more when you are given a profile of an investigator and then turn to the scriptures with the intent to find something that will help them. 

On a less spiritual level, we had an interesting first night. Elder Spotten, who is in our room, set our alarm. When it went off I checked my clock to see what time it was and it said 3. I just figured I accidentally hit a button so I didnt think twice about it but after about 10 minutes Spotten looked at his clock and we finally realized what time it was. That made for a LONG second day. 

Today is our first PDay but it only lasted till about lunch then after that we are back in class. We have time to do our laundry and then write our emails. Oh ya, I forgot I was made our district leader. All that means is that I am in charge of some district meetings with our branch presidency and that I am in charge of getting our zone's mail. It's not too glamorous. 

Well that's about all that is happening. It's not too bad having a really strict schedule. It's kinda nice. We don't have to worry about using our time wisely cause we dont get much time to ourselves. Well I love you guys tons and am super happy to be out here. Thanks again and I LOVE YOU!!!!!  

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