Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 2, 2015

Everything is Incredible!

Hey so I will try and answer everyones questions in this email. 
So we eat just about every night at a members house and it's awesome. Just about everyone we go to tells about someone they know who needs the gospel and they are trying to help them get it and ask us for help. 
I should probs let you know that when I came into this ward they took out the other sister missionaries. So we got all of their load of people and contacts plus our own. Instead of having 1 area book we have 3!!!! Ya it's pretty nutz. We have a list of about 20 people ranging from investigators, progressing, high potentials, and less actives and recent converts(commonly referred to as LARC's). It's crazy just how busy we are. And yes, me and my comp get along real well. It was kinda awkward at the beginning but it has come a long way! 
We are hoping to push 2 of our progressors towards setting dates for baptism this week, so that's pretty intense. Zach and Morgan are the children of Michele Perodot. They go back and forth between their dad and her. Michele is baptized but just recently. Last week though, Michele was given permission to have the kids on Wednesday as well and Michele is part of the young women's group. So Morgan has started to go (not baptized) and she loves it! The girls in the ward are incredible! They really make an effort to invite and make the girls feel welcome. Morgan has stated that she wants to start attending church and we will probs start teaching her soon. Zach is just rebellious at this point so we are trying to make a connection with him.

We didn't plan on it but we ended up watching the last quarter of the Super Bowl at Michelle's house, We figured that they weren't foot ball people but they were and we didn't want to be rude or any thing. That game was amazing! It was the most miraculous ending to and game I have ever seen.

On Sunday, me and Hancock were sitting in sacrament meeting and the bishop texted us and told us that we should bear our testimonies. So we did and it was incredible the feeling of love I had for the people. I just stared talking bout the scriptures and my own conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Both of our testimonies were just incredible and the feeling of the Spirit in the room was almost suffocating. Later we learned that an investigator from another ward who was being taught by some of the other missionaries felt that Spirit and told the lady she was with that she finally felt that she was ready to be baptized! It's incredible how the Spirit works! it made me think of a talk that was given in the MTC about "Minding the Gap". It's about how most people's spiritual expirences come when the missionaries that are teaching them aren't even around. That's exactly what happened.

To Sara and her missionary work of her own: Doesn't it feel amazing to bear your testimony of what is true? There have already been several occasions where people, mostly the homeless, try and figuratively shut down what we are doing and it's incredible just how much your testimony powers you through those experiences. I would suggest two things for you: 1) read the talk "Come and See" by David A. Bednar, it's about why we do what we do as missionaries and 2) give the talk "His Grace is Sufficient" to this guy with the smoking addiction. It can really help him out.

We have done a crap load of service this week -- like a ton! We got 12 hrs in 2 days. We should be averaging 10 a week. But the coolest experience was going to a homeless shelter and feeding them. It was incredible the amount of joy that brought to them and all I could think was how the gospel would help them. Also, as a plus there was this guy Larry, he is kinda like our best friend now. He just tells jokes all the time and he just busts up laughing everytime, we love him!

Well love you all so much!! and I will attach a few pics to make yall jealous! 

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