Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, February 9, 2015

Putting Down Roots

Laguna Niguel 
Hey! So ya, it's gone so crazy fast! It's incredible. The saying here is that the days are long and the weeks are short but the months are shorter! And it's so crazy how true that is. 
So our apartment is pretty tiny. It's a casita of a member. The address is confusing so I will try to tell you (so you can Google Earth it). We live on Bluebird Lane. and it's like the 2nd to last turn on the left - closest to the mountain. Then it's off this little drive way that is shared by 3 different homes. It's all the way at the end of the drive way and you can see a path that leads to our casita. It's kinda ghetto and we have to rig a bunch of things to make it work. But I love it! It's the only member house in all of our mission. 
Oh and just to give you an idea -- on average all of our mission housing is around $1500 a month. It's probably one of the most expensive missions in the world.  Getting around is a little annoying. The traffic here is crazy busy, the roads are super narrow and parking is the hardest, most aggravating thing in the whole world. Like, everytime we park we have to walk about a block usually to our appointments. But I still love it here. I want to put a down payment on a apartment and keep it till I leave the mission and come back and live here. 

On different note, our investigator and now turning into internigators which is basically means they are going to take awhile. But we have so many less active we are working on. This last Sunday we had 3 less actives show up! YAY!!! And we have a ton of youth nonmembers that are attending activities and things of that sort. We have this one girl that has given away 5 BoMs this last month to her friends at school and she brought a nonmember girl to church. We also are starting to have a representative of all the Young Mens and Womens groups attend our correlation meetings cause there are like 15 potentials in those groups. There are too many names to keep them all straight. 

We had a cool run in the other day. When we stopped at a gas station we were about to leave when Elder Hancock was like, "I need to get the receipt." So he ran in while I stayed in the car. After a few minutes I looked up and he was waving for me to come in. He was talking to a lady who was from St. George so I was way psyched! It turned out she was actually from Ivins and she was a convert to our church about 3 years ago and was moving into the Laguna Beach ward! Her name is Shannon. We are trying to get her info cause she seemed to be less active so we are pumped about getting to talk to her more. 

Also another cool story is Linda. We got a call like the day I got here from a lady named Sonya who lives on the east coast and is dying of cancer. She is a member and she is really worried about her cousin named Linda who lives in our area. So we have been calling her every Monday trying to get a hold of her. Last night we finally got a call from her. She feels that there is something missing in her life so we are going to meet her sometime this week. 

I will keep you updated! 

Love you all so much!

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