Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, May 4, 2015

Snakes and Rats

Laguna Niguel 

HAHAHAHAHA! I totally forgot that I never told you guys exactly what "rats and snakes" is {from last week}! So in one of the wards in our stake there is a non member guy who runs an exotic snake business from his house. In order to feed the over 100 snakes, he has to have a ton of food for them. His garage is converted into a little rat and mouse breeding ground. He has literally thousands of mice in there and it's our job to pull out each little tub and pull all the mice or rats out and put them into a new cage then put them back. He has 4 racks with about 40 tubs on eack rack with at least 10 mice in each. Then in the middle, there are 2 tubs on each rack that has about 50-60 mice in each! And then he has about 50 rats total. 
Ya, it's super disgusting and weird. But the cool thing is that he really likes having all the missionaries come over and help. There's usually about 20 of us missionaries there every Thursday doing that. Then, while we are doing that with the rats, we also go in and do the same thing with the snakes! It freaks me out so bad! I have done it several times and every time the snakes get really fussy and try and run away while I am holding them while the cage is getting cleaned. So ya, that's just about the sum of rats and snakes. The best part about it is that all the tubs have to be washed and set in the sun so that's what I usually do and I get to work on my tan! I am getting pretty dark -- is what i have been told :)
(Ignore my super bright red face - camera settings were weird)

We weren't able to have a lesson with Rommel for about a week and a half cause he has been working so much lately. But yesterday he randomly showed up at church with a member in the ward and his friend who loves the church but also isn't a member. The coolest part is just how many friends he has in the ward already, There are about a thousand people that served missions in Brazil, so everyone comes and talks to him. Also there are several people that found out he is a contractor looking for work so they have given him some jobs to do and paid him. So all in all the members are fellow-shipping the crap out of the guy! We have a lesson planned for this Wednesday and it was him that asked for it so he is a super hopeful!

More kinda fun stuff happening... We have a guy who wants to get the lessons but he also wants to take us golfing so we said, why not do both? So we are probs going to go golfing tomorrow on a really nice and classy course called Laguna Hills! He is a member and can get us in. And we also decided to to golfing today as a pday activity just to get warmed up! The course wasn't the best but it was way fun, and literally, I was hitting the ball the most consistently I have in my entire life! The Lord really does bless us! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

I am so sorry that I can never remember when everyone's birthday is, I will really try and do better with that :(

I am figuring that we are probs going to try and call some time after church next week Our church gets out at 1 but we might be in a correlation meeting till like 2 and then it might be a bit till we are able to get to the members house to skype or face time :) We are going to be doing it at the Corcoran's house in Emerald Bay so I am going to show you guys the view that I have to look at every day and not jump into the ocean ;)

And I heard that BYU won again! I think they beat the same team they played last year. That's like 3 years running, I think!

Let everyone in the ward know that I love them, and know that I love all you so very much! 

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