Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunshine, but Only in My Soul

Laguna Niguel

It's been quite a long week of work. We did a bunch of service towards the end of the week that just has me really tired. Like I just dont feel like I can get caught up on enough sleep to get the energy back. We helped a lady move out of her house but we also had another project that was happening at the same time so we were trying to hurry. The worst part about that one was that this lady was not nice about all of the stuff that she wanted done. I love helping people that are really thankful for the help and don't just expect us to do everything. Moving that lady exhausted me physically and emotionally. 

Right after that we rushed off to help in a huge stake thing. They partnered with Stop Hunger Now and the stake raised enough money to package 85,000 meals to be shipped off around the world. As part of that they want the community to be the ones to do the packaging. So 600 volunteers showed up and in 4 hrs and made/packed all of the meals. Our bishop had a huge camera in the building and he is sending the videos and pictures up to Salt Lake to be in the church news. Hopefully they will make a Morman Message about it with his video. And then also during the week we did rats and snakes again. 

So we also had a bit of rain (it is much needed) on Friday and a bit on Saturday night. But it has been cloudy most of the week which sucked very really bad. It just seemed to put a damper on things. Then on Sunday, when the sun finally came out, it totally lifted our spirits!

We have a ton of work that is happening during the coming weeks! We have a guy who is investigating the church now because his girlfriend is a member of the church. He is really interested. We did the Restoration Lesson with him on Thursday and he loved it. His favorite thing about the church is the fact that we preach and learn on Sunday but then everyone goes out and lives their faith. He is a guy that has been working in the rehab world for most of his life and he loves the whole community of the church. Then we are going to start teaching another lady who is dating a member of the ward. We also have 2 baptisms in the ward coming up in 2 weeks. We haven't taught them at all but we are going to jump in on the teaching here in a bit cause they are going to move into the ward. 

Any who, it's been crazy and it's going to get a lot more crazy. Today we cleaned our apartment. I will get some pics of the apartment and send them to you next week cause I don't think anyone really realizes just how ghetto it is. It basically looks just like that pic of Kade's apartment. The inside is not that great either. We had to do a deep clean cause our fridge has been leaking and we have had mold problems since the beginning of my mish.

I can't wait to be able to talk to ya'll on Mother's Day! I LOVE EVERYONE SO MUCH!

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