Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter & Conference

Laguna Niguel 
So the Easter week was awesome. We watched all the sessions in the Stake Center cause they don't want us watching it with members for some weird reason. But it was all good. I took notes on every talk. It wasn't hard for me to stay awake this time cause it's hard to fall asleep when you have to wear a full suit :( But my favorite talk was definitely Elder Holland's and yes, I was super happy when he mentioned snow canyon!
Oh I forgot to tell you my district leader's name is Elder Losse and he is from Santa Clara! He would have gone to school with me but he was home schooled. You should go look them up! My other favorite talk was the guy who talked about how his sister left the church and then came back. It just made me think of some of the people in the ward here who are struggling with the same issues. But then when he said that we are all the "prodigal son" it was a huge eye opener for me. I thought that I was ok but no matter what we are all fallen and need Christ. 
Anyways, after the Sunday sessions we went to the Hanson's in the ward and had a huge Easter dinner. It was more of a family reunion and we had an easter egg hunt which was crazy! They had money stuffed in most of the eggs... Hancock got about 10 bucks, I got about $1.75 and then they had a golden egg that was hidden that had about $150 in it -- so it was sorta a mad dash. But it was awesome! 
It was a bit of a slow week on the missionary work side but that was a bit understandable. Rob, who is getting baptized on Saturday, came to the Priesthood session and loved it! He also watched the Saturday morning session and then Sunday morning session and loved them both! He is seriously the greatest guy! It's hilarious cause a bunch of the people in the ward know him but none of them really liked him at first, but he says that he has been humbled and we have seen a mighty change in his heart!  
On a side story, we went to Outback Steakhouse after the last session of conference. There was about 9 of us elders all there. It's sorta a tradition I guess, but after we were all done the waitress came over and told us our whole bill was paid for!!!! It was seriously a $100+ meal it was insane! We knew who it was so we went over to him and said thanks and stuff. It turned out that he served in our mission like a century ago! It was way fun. 

i got the pics of Jessa she is so freaking cute! I can't take it!!!! I can kinda see Paige being a bit not happy but I am sure she will come around to her. :)

Ya I ordered a song online cause some kid sang it in the MTC and I loved it then! It was at the end of a movie I watched while Hancock was sick. I just loved it, so I bought it and it is way fun to play. I try every now and again to play but i don't get much time to practice...kinda sucks. 

Elder Hancock goes home July 8th so it is coming up. I hope to be able to kill him (send him home). He found out today he has at least another transfer in Laguna Beach. I am hoping to stay also, transfer calls go out this sunday so keep your fingers crossed! If i stay we will be getting a new car and hopefully a new apartment! 
Going on exchanges is probs not my favorite thing. You usually have to go overnight so you have to pack a day bag which sucks. Then you go to a new area and you are more or less just along for the ride. Then there are the times that you stay in your area and your comp leaves which also sucks cause you have to drag another guy who has no clue what is going on around with you. All in all, I don't like them. You usually go on one at least every transfer. I have been on 3 already, and they try to do them in the beginning of the transfer. 

I can just see dad as this huge, hardcore, iron-man athlete when I get home! I am going to have to start working out so I can keep up with him when I get home. 

Oh and I got the package with the frisbee in it and the shirt. I love the shirt! I am wearing it right now! I think there is a family that is going to drive through St. George here soon so I might ask them to grab some stuff from you guys here soon, I think. I want my rugby ball and I know it is weird, but me and Hancock want the banjo! But i will give you a heads up.

I love you all so freaking much I don't even know how to put it in words!

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