Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 30, 2015

Great News!

Laguna Niguel

That's way cool about all the youth family history kids in the ward! Who is all a part of it now? 

So Rommel is doing pretty good. We had another lesson with him on Wednesday at the Caserio's home. Their dad is the one who can speak Portuguese so that's really nice. We read the B.O.M. a bit and he really likes it but we had him read 2 Nephi 31 about baptism and the Doctrine of Christ... He doesn't like all the rules and how we can't be saved unless we are baptized. So we are going to teach him the Plan of Salvation and I really think he will like that and it will answer some of his questions.

But that isn't even the greatest news of the week! So a member invited a guy to church 3 weeks ago who has a daughter on the same soccer team as his daughter. He really liked it and then I told you we would have a new investigator by the end of the week. Well we went to the member's house on Tuesday where Rob, the non-member friend, was coming to have a lesson. That night we committed him to baptism and he is really looking forward to it! The Lord really has been working on him for some time. His baptism date is April 11th (Hancock's birthday) and since Tuesday we have had 3 lessons with him. 

In church on Sunday he was asked to answer some questions about finding the church and other things as part of a lesson about the ward mission plan (it was a combined 3rd hour class). Rob killed it! He is an amazing public speaker and he nearly brought everyone to tears when he talked about how he felt at home the first time he came to church!!! All in all, I really can't believe this is happening! This last week we killed it on teaching lessons with members. We had a total of 6 member-present lessons which is a huge number for us. We usually don't plan on any during the week.

Thanks for all the little helps with my lesson on patience. It turned out really good. It was one of our better district meetings we've had in a while just cause of how good all of our lessons built on each other.

So have Clarissa and Drew come up with any names yet for baby? Or are they keeping it all a secret? I bet Tylee is just freaking out down there! hahaha:)

Anyways, that's just about the sum of my whole week. I went on exchanges on Thursday and I led our area for the first time. It was interesting. It's hard to try and fill the little time with productive stuff between appointments. I had to teach the Plan of Salvation for my first time to Rob without Elder Hancock :( The elder who was with me was a very shy guy so I did most of the talking. But the lesson turned out to be a huge success and it helped to have a really great member helping me out along the way. 

I love you all!!!


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