Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, June 8, 2015

Trolly Contacting

Laguna Niguel 
I am so sad I missed Jessa's blessing, but I am sure that Drew did awesome. I can't wait to see that little cutie! It must have been so much fun having the whole family together. It totally shocks me that her brother Taylor is coming home already. Like I felt like he's only been gone for a couple of months! 

So Megan, the girl that sent those pictures the other day has been home from her mission for like 6 months. She was in the London, England mission. She was just super happy to see missionaries out doing the work so she stopped us on our way back to our car and was just so happy about it. It seriously made my day cause I just didnt feel like I was making any difference at all the last couple of days. But she was just so happy to see us out doing the work. I guess that results are only a reward for doing what we are supposed to do but no matter what when we are trying our best, I shouldn't feel bad about what I am doing! 

But we have had very little progress with our investigators just because they are all so busy. 

Other than that, we have had a lot of fun going out contacting of late. Me and Elder Watts were out trying a new survey method while Hancock was in a district leaders council meeting. The survey thing is just a really good way for us to be able to stop people and get them to answer some more deep questions, such as: do you believe in God, is the bible just a history book or something more, if there was another book containing the words of God would you read it. Questions such as these. We had several really good conversations with people and we were able to bear testimony of a bunch of stuff. Then later that night we had a blast trolly contacting. It's when we get on the free trollys that run up and down the PCH and stop along the way and pick people up. We did this on Saturday night, so there were a ton of drunk people on there hahahahah! But I had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of really nice people that were fascinated with the fact that I gave up two years to do this. 
But then it got wild. We switched trollys and there was a ton of teenage girls on there and they basically harassed the crap out of Hancock. Me and Watts were trying to answer this girl's questions about God and life and stuff (I basically got her to admit that there is a higher power and that was about it... she was just super confused). Anyways the girls tried to put an e-cigarette in Hancock's mouth and they were making fun of him and stuff. It was super funny! He was just completely harassed! 
Then these drunk guys got on and totally loved talking to us! They wanted to know if we "supported" the play "The Book of Mormon", we told them we did because it has given us so much publicity and stuff! (So true. I have been asked if I am offended by that play so much out here and to be honest it has helped us more than hurt us - especially with how the church reacted to it all). Then out of no where this guy is like "You guys wanna see the birthday present my friend got me" so we said yes and his friend just turns around and pulls down his pants and shows us a tattoo of his friend's named that was on his butt hahahah!!!! It was just one of those nights where we got home and were so confused about what happened.

Other than that, not much has been happening. We got sisters in our ward now and we have to learn how to share. I don't like it at all :( We were so spoiled with this area and now they are trying to take a few of our potentials and our investigators and we are just trying to figure out how to work it all out. It's annoying!

Anyways, hope you all have a great week and stay safe. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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