Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 23, 2015

Eeeee! David Archuleta!

Laguna Niguel
I remember when those pics were taken! I am not going to lie, I look like a little kid in those pics, but dang I liked my hair looking long like that! I have had several people tell me I look like an actor named Andrew something or other from the new spiderman movies and I tell them they should have seen me when I could let my hair get a bit longer. 
Anyways, this has been a great week. It all sorta came together yesterday during church. We had a great lesson with Rommel at a member's house and we are getting really close to inviting him to the glorious waters that are baptism! But during church we had like 3 families come to us and tell us that we should come over to their houses and teach one of their friends that they invited to church. We are hopefully going to have one new investigator by the end of the week and get another a baptism date! The ward here is like super incredible at missionary work. We also had a less active invited to church by a guy in our ward and he just came and is already right back into things! He participates in all the lessons in church and he is a super intelligent man, it's awesome! I will keep you updated on all that jazz!

So thanks for all of the insights into patience. I think with what you have said I can add that to what I already got and teach a fetching good lesson! 

Yesterday we also had a mission training on our new Easter initiative. It's called "Because He Lives". There will be a bunch of stuff happening with it. On April 5th, the church will be the sole advertisement for their video for Easter on Youtube. Be sure to watch in cause it is incredible. We are going to start using that and a bunch of other things to do with it in our missionary efforts. On that day an estimated 250 million people will watch the video on youtube. 
Also at that meeting we had the privilege and honor of having DAVID ARCHULETA!!!! What!?!?!?! That's right! it was him in the flesh, come speak to us and then sing a bunch of church songs! It was awesome! He came just because he was in the area and he wanted to talk to all the missionaries. He found out we were having a meeting and called up our Mission President. He sang about 4 songs, one of which was Glorious. It was a new song he has that is awesome.   

I got to watch the last minute of the Utah basketball game. We were eating dinner at a local Mexican place and we sat and ate to watch the highlights. I really hope that they beat duke on Thursday. It would make my whole week. This is a chance to have faith that they can pull through! And I would totally wear a Utes tie if I could. I have gotten a fair bit of guff for my 2 Utes shirts that I wear to p-days hahah! 

Anyways, I love everyone and this gospel and the whole church for bringing me the most happiness I have felt ever! 
After the David Archuleta Fireside 

Group photo!

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