Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 16, 2015

Family History Work

Laguna Niguel

Dang! I am jealous of your Seattle trip. That mall sounds like it would be so cool. I have an extreme desire to go shopping on my p-days. I just want to go out and buy new clothes all the time but I am holding back with all the will power I possess. I loved seeing your pics with the, "I see dead people" and I love your family history ideas you all have! 

I have been doing a fair amount of family history. We go on Tuesday mornings and I might go on Wednesdays too. I have found about 5 names so far and that has taken all I have to find them but I am still trying. Do you guys ever use the Hope Chest thing? It's way cool and can help with finding names to take through the temple. Elder Hancock has been using it a bunch and he has about 110 names already to take through the temple. Could I get mom's email stuff for family history so I could share some of my names that I find with ya'll? We have had some amazing contacts with people who have been centered on family history. People are just really interested in their ancestry and stuff and when they find out that I know some of the stories about how my ancestors joined the church they get really interested and it invites the spirit in real quick! 

Our lesson with Rommel went way good. We read the Intro to the BofM in Portuguese with one of the members of the ward translating. The whole restoration just sorta made sense to him and he said he was going to read more of it and pray. So we are going to have a follow up lesson with him on Wednesday and we are going to cover the concept of prophets and the apostasy and maybe get into the priesthood and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to invite him to baptism. He has already attended church like 3 times and he loves it, and we don't think he will have to much of a problem with the commandments. I am so fetching excited!!!! 

Other than that not much is happening. We have another hopeful baptism invite for the coming week! Our p-days are pretty much the best thing in the world! We do studies till 9 or 10 then go to the library for emailing for an hour or two. After that we go do what ever we want. There is a zone activity every p-day but you don't have to go if you don't want to. and then we usually go to dinner around 6 and then back to proselyting. Today I think we are going to go to a mall and hang with some other missionaries and I might buy a long board just for something to do. 

Do you guys ever have the missionaries in our ward over for dinner? I was just thinking about that the other day and I thought that would be something they would love cause mom's cooking is like the best in the whole wide world!

Anyways, that's just about life for me. Oh and I have been asked to give a district training on patience... not this week but next so anything you guys can think of that can help would be awesome!


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