Called to Serve

Called to Serve

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Life of a Missionary

Laguna Niguel
It's crazy just how much more you learn when you are teaching, I agree, I have learned so much more about the whole law of sacrifice and how that changes into a true and lasting conversion! 
On Sunday there were some people who were visiting the area from Hancock's home ward. They came in and just started screaming when they saw him. It was crazy funny! But one of the girls there was running up and it looked like she was going to hug him (sort of a  no-no). I was just about ready to dive in there and take a hug for the team! 
We have a few new things happening now that are exciting. We have a new investigator one of the members referred to us. He is a guy from Brazil who doesn't speak English very well, but he can. He has come to church several times with his friend/member that referred him. We are going to have a guy from the ward come to the lesson we have scheduled who speaks Portuguese; we will have him translate. Ya, it's going to be INTENSE!!!! 
We also had one of our potentials we have been trying to meet for some time now just randomly see us on the road the other day. It was crazy. We hadn't heard from her in weeks and she up and invites us to her house and stuff. She's super prepared for the gospel. We just need to find out a way to teach her cause she cant do it at her home. We hadn't been able to get anything going with her for awhile so we decided to start praying more for something to happen and it was a total answer to our prayers just running into her like that.

The Garners' used to live in Utah - in the Lehi area - but they are a way cool family. Their daughters went to a youth conference over the weekend and they also did a roadshow performance. We got to help out at the roadshow; we did prop moving and stuff. It was way fun! They are a cool family who sent a son out to the MTC on Feb 2 (so not too long ago). They had tons of questions about the MTC and it was fun talking to a family that actually knows Utah. 

I hope Josh ends up going up to Zion! Nothing prepares you more for this than spending a little time under the tutelage of Kevin and the rough work of that place. And that's awesome that Michael is going to go. 
I am so excited for the new addition to the fam, Drew and Clarissa! Have you guys figured out names yet? If not, I heard a real winner the other day....Avalon. HUH what do you think.....? 
Anyways that is cool, Drew, that you are in charge of an audit. You are going to be the top dog around there some day. All I can think is that you served a mission in Tahiti and never jumped in the ocean, and lived in some pretty ghetto places and stuff. You can do just about anything you want. Nothing can be as tough as that. 
I had a similar experience the other day. We were driving around town and went past main beach Laguna. It was packed with people and it was a Sunday. All I could think is that they all have no idea who they are or where they came from and just how insignificant all of our problems really are. I got sorta overwhelmed when I realized they all need the gospel. But God has a plan for all of them!! 
It makes me so trunky when I hear about Jennika. I miss that little cutie so much! But it's alright. Our ward mission leader has three kids ages 9, 7, and 3. They just love playing with us. Every time we go over it reminds me so much of playing with all my nieces. The other night we dropped of some stuff and we ended up being there for like an hour just playing with them. They just were jumping and crawling all over us, it was so much fun!! 
Well love you so much and have a great week! 

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